Introducing the NFS Registry Vault

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Introducing the NFS Registry Vault

The Natural Forest Standard was developed with innovation at its core and focused on providing a streamlined approach to project developers. Back in 2011 when we launched, we were the first standard to integrate satellite monitoring and data into the essence of the requirements and methodology of the Standard.

Now, in 2022 we are leading the way again with an innovative approach for enabling NCCs to gain traction within a new and wider market opportunity.

The Natural Forest Standard Registry is introducing a new function - the NFS Registry Vault.

The Vault feature enables NFS Registry account holders to transition active, un-retired NCCs from their registry account over to blockchain, distributed ledgers or Web3 platforms, without the need to cancel or retire the credits; enabling the NCCs to retain their carbon, social and biodiversity values.

The ability to transition NCCs with their full underlying environmental benefits will enable enhanced opportunities within expanding, innovative and emerging markets, whilst maintaining the integrity, credibility and singularity of all NCCs.

The NFS Registry Vault will provide a secure storage facility for NCCs transitioned away from the NFS Registry, removing them from circulation and rendering them as unavailable for transaction within the NFS Registry.

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