Agreement in place for the expansion of the NFS

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Ecosystem Certification Organisation (ECO) is pleased to announce an agreement with Resilience Constellation Management Ltd to expand the Natural Forest Standard and establish it as a widely recognised system for crediting the avoided CO2 emissions and removals from the protection and restoration of natural forests.

Dr Richard Tipper, MBE, CEO of Resilience Constellation, said:

“CO2 emissions from the loss and degradation of tropical forests are similar in scale to the fossil fuel emissions from all EU countries. The Natural Forest Standard, with its focus on jurisdictional-scale protection and restoration of natural forests and its use of transparent geospatial datasets for baseline setting and monitoring, is a strong platform to enable the scaling of effective finance from environmental credit markets.”

Vicky Kelly of ECO said:

“The Natural Forest Standard has had proven success in Amazonia, where the first municipal project set up under the standard has achieved one of the best records of avoiding deforestation across the Brazilian Amazon.”

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