Natural Capital Credits

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Natural Capital Credits are unique to the Natural Forest Standard as the resulting certificates generated from successfully validated and verified NFS projects. As a result of this, NCCs inherently exhibit carbon, social and biodiversity features that together equate to a Natural Capital Credit.

Throughout the project process it must be evidentially and quantifiably displayed that all 3 intrinsic aspects of the NFS approach are present, and only upon all three elements being satisfactorily addressed in the project design and implementation will projects achieve validation, verification and ultimately, credit issuance.

NCCs, like traditional offsets, are denominated in tonnes of CO2e and represent quantified and verified assertions of avoided or removed emissions, as a result of successful NFS project implementation. NCCs are calculated using a programmatic risk based analysis, rather than project-by-project based predictive analysis; this approach provides a consistent and practical environmental performance metric that reflects the on-going conservation of carbon at risk within natural forests coupled with the additional biodiversity and social benefits that equate to Natural Capital Credits.

The Natural Forest Standard has been designed to provide a streamlined and holistic approach to REDD+ natural forest projects; as every project is required to rate the project in terms of biodiversity and pristineness using the NBM and are also required to display positive social enhancements and participation as part of the project design, an amalgamated certification is achieved through one unified process.

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