Operation of the Standards

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The Natural Forest Standard operates under the governance of a Board appointed by the Ecosystem Certification Organisation, including appropriate representation of experts in forest conservation, ecosystem services, social issues, stakeholders and the operation of standards. The ECO NFS Secretariat, overseen by the Board,  carries out operational activities in relation to the administration of the main functions of the Standard:

  • Ensure the operation of technical and risk panels
  • Maintain website
  • Administration of project registration process
  • Administration of crediting process
  • The NFS Secretariat shall approve methods, maps, data and guidance for use based on recommendations from the NFS Technical Panel

Approval of Methods, Maps, Data and Guidance

Technical Panel

The Technical Panel, appointed by the Board,  reviews and approves carbon maps, risk maps (for baseline purposes), and reviews and improves guidance and methodological materials.

The Technical Panel comprises of independent specialists with relevant expertise.

In making recommendations for approval and use methods, maps, data and guidance, the Technical Panel shall consider:

  • The quality of underlying evidence used to generate maps and reference data
  • The acceptance or use of maps and reference data by official bodies or other organisations
  • The transparency of methods used to generate the maps and reference data
  • The temporal and spatial relevance to the proposed project areas

In making recommendations to be used the Technical Panel shall consider the potential for both Type 1 and Type 2 errors in the application of assumptions and methods.

Risk Panel

The Risk Panel, appointed by the Board,  determines appropriate levels of credits to be held within the reserve accounts of the NFS projects.

The Risk Panel comprises of  independent specialists with relevant expertise.

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