The NFS stakeholder consultation period on the latest published versions of the Natural Forest Standard and Guidance documents is no longer open. However, we welcome feedback at any time.  For information on how to contact us, please see below.

The Natural Forest Standard’s objective is to provide a carbon standard that is robust, credible and complementary among the currently available standards and forest initiatives, with the specific focus of certifying the integrated social, carbon and biodiversity benefits that result from the conservation and restoration of natural forest projects at risk from deforestation and degradation.

The NFS aims to provide real, measureable, additional and permanent emissions reductions from avoided deforestation and forest degradation project areas through an efficient and effective mechanism for the certification of carbon and ecosystem benefits for use by developers of medium and large scale projects over 20,000 hectares.

The NFS is designed to ensure livelihood benefits are integral to the project design, by way of a benefits distribution mechanism that includes enhancements for the benefit of the local and indigenous communities and society as a whole.

The NFS also includes a quantification tool to assess and ensure the ecologically significant biodiversity present within the project areas is protected; this is quantified using the Normative Biodiversity Metric (NBM).

The Standard also sets out the requirements for evidence-based assessment of increases in carbon sequestration, and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, that result from natural forest management (conservation and restoration).  The requirements for quantification and certification of the carbon benefits are designed to produce Natural Capital Credits (NCCs) that can be used as carbon offsets.

Invitation to participate

Our latest consultation period invited feedback on the following on the following documents:

How to submit comments:

Please submit your comments using our online feedback form.  You can also send feedback via email to

Public Consultation Process

The Technical Panel will review all comments regarding the Guidance documentation and advise the ECO Board of any appropriate improvements or clarifications to be made.

Following this process, the updated version of the all documentation will be published on the Natural Forest Standard and Ecosystem Certification Organisation websites and the results of the consultation process, including measures taken to incorporate comments, will be made available to stakeholders in summary form.

ECO hopes that by following this process will create acceptance in the market and allow the Natural Forest Standard to provide the voluntary carbon market with a framework that is accessible and stakeholder-led to ensure it is practicable for effective implementation by project developers and independent certifiers alike.

Previous Consultation Period Documentation

Public Consultation Period I – 8th August 2012 – 12th October 2012

Public Consultation Period II – 7th May 2013 – 31st July 2013