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Click here to view and access the Natural Forest Standard Registry

Natural Capital Credits (NCCs) are only tracked and transacted through the NFS Registry platform.  Any NCCs that are listed or made available via alternative registries, platforms or channels are not authorised and are in no way authentic and should be reported to the NFS Registry Administration Team immediately here.

NFS Registry Overview

The NFS Registry is the secure and powerful tracking platform that ensures transparency, traceability and integrity for all Natural Capital Credits (NCCs) issued to projects verified under the Natural Forest Standard.

The NFS Registry enables registered users to receive, transfer and retire NCCs using unique serial number tracking that provides traceability for the lifespan of the credits.  The Registry also ensures singularity of issued NCCs through a consistent and fully auditable transaction process.

The NFS Registry provides links to source project information, to give registry users transparency as to the origin and provenance of all NCCs.

The NFS Registry function is to provide a secure platform which allows complete traceability of all NCCs issued on the NFS Registry. The NFS Registry provides a secure and instantaneous transaction between transacting parties, in addition to keeping full tracking and auditable records of all transactions for the account holder.

NFS Registry Public View

To visit the public view of the NFS Registry, please either create an account, or if you are an existing user just log in.  To create an account, please visit the NFS Registry , click on the Create Account button and follow the simple instructions.

Once you have accessed the registry, the homepage gives the public overview of the projects and NCC issuance that is currently included in the NFS Registry; clicking on the Projects button will provide you with further information regarding each individual project. 

In order to have full access to the Registry and all its functions, the Create Account validation process must be completed. 

Please contact the NFS Registry Administration Team for any further information.

NFS Registry Accounts

To transact NCC certificates, recipients are required to have an active account with the NFS Registry.  

Existing account holders from the previous NFS Registry platform will need to click here for instructions on how to access your NFS Registry account on the new platform for the first time.

For any enquiries or questions, please click here to contact the Registry Administration Team for further information.

NFS Registry Documents

NFS Registry Terms of Use V1.0

Published 1st November 2013

NFS Registry Fee Schedule V1.0

Published 1st November 2013


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