What are Natural Capital Credits?

Natural Capital Credits (NCCs) are the units issued to NFS certified projects that denote avoided emissions or removals by jurisdictional REDD projects that protect biodiversity and are socially responsible.

NCCs are unique to the NFS and can only be issued by the NFS Crediting Program.

NCCs are issued to the NFS Registry where they may be held, traded and retired.

NCCs are only issued to denote emission reductions and removals that are:

  • Real and additional
  • Based on robust, transparent baselines, monitoring and reporting
  • Address carbon leakage and risk of reversals
  • Validated and verified by approved third parties
  • Checked to avoid double counting
  • Protective of biodiversity
  • Socially responsible

Buy NCCs

The following organisations are recognised distributors of NCCs:

Go-Balance is a developer of REDD+ projects that supports jurisdictions with the commercialisation of NCCs. The Go-Balance team has over 15 years’ experience of working with communities, local governments and institutions in the Brazilian Amazon and developed the flagship Trocano project in the municipality of Borba, Amazonia. Contact Go-Balance for NCCs from Trocano and other projects under development at  info@go-bal.com.

Dais Partnership LLP is a specialist advisory service supporting corporates and funds in the environmental sector. Our team, with over 60 years of investment, asset management and trading experience, can advise on investments into NFS projects, strategic placements of NCCs and blended finance options relevant to Jurisdictional REDD+ programmes. For further information contact  info@daisllp.com.

What is Natural Capital?

Natural Capital is the collective term for Earth’s natural assets and the Ecosystem Services resulting from them, which make human life possible (Natural Capital Declaration, 2012). Ecosystem Services which result from Natural Capital form the foundation for all human economic activity including food, water and energy.

Projects that are successfully verified under the Natural Forest Standard are issued with Natural Capital Credits (NCCs).

The Natural Forest Standard aims to conserve and restore natural forests through actions that benefit local communities and indigenous people. The Natural Forest Standard integrates all of the components that are vital in protecting Natural Capital. Carbon, Biodiversity and Social benefits are accounted for under the standard making it a holistic approach to the conservation of Natural Capital.

Please see our papers below for more information on Natural Capital and the Natural Forest Standard.