The guidance section is designed to assist project developers in meeting the normative requirements of the Natural Forest Standard. The required process for projects engaging with the Natural Forest Standard is described here.

Downloads Download the NFS Guidance v1.3.1 here | Diretrizes para o NFS Requerimentos do Padrao v1.3

The guidance is divided into 5 sections:

Validators and verifiers are also directed to use the guidance in assessing the conformity of projects to the Standard.

The guidance will be reviewed as part of an on-going process to reflect any clarifications made to the standard, incorporating lessons learned and good practice developed by NFS projects, and to reflect developments in good practice used by other forest conservation and restoration initiatives.

The guidance should be interpreted in a pragmatic, professional and balanced manner to address aspects of project design and management that are important for achieving effective forest conservation and restoration in ways that benefit local and indigenous people.

The templates section contains documents which can be used by project developers to complete a Project Idea Note (PIN), plus the Project Design Document (PDD) and Annual Reports.

We also provide links to further resources on the guidance pages which will help project developers navigate the sometimes complicated world of carbon finance.