Before starting to develop a project under the Natural Forest Standard (NFS) it is essential to understand the requirements of the Standard.  Projects should first comply with basic eligibility criteria which are outlined in section 1 of the Standard Requirements, relating to the ecological condition of the forest, the ownership of carbon and land, and demonstrating the additionality of project activities.

These requirements are described on the following pages:

Defining Your Project

To assess whether a project is eligible under the NFS requirements, the project should first define the specific project area and scope of activities. It is recommended that the project area is mapped, and if appropriate for management purposes, divided into zones or strata.  The project objectives, carbon rights ownership and management structures should be clearly described.

The project map-set should include:

  • Project area and boundaries
  • Vegetation types
  • Where relevant to the objectives of the project, land use should  be included
  • Nearby population centres and settlements in and near the project
  • Roads, tracks and rivers
  • Ownership and tenure (including customary and relevant land use rights)