This section provides template documents which can be used by project developers during the NFS process.  These templates have been designed to assist developers in meeting the requirements of the Standard. The NFS recommends the use of these templates.

Project Idea Note (PIN) Template

A PIN is a short document that provides a brief summary of the intended project and identifies and determines the main features and objectives of the project, the parties involved and the proposed project activities. Current Version: V1.1 Published: 30th April 2013

Project Development Document (PDD) Template

A PDD is the document that must be compiled by the project developer and comprises all relevant information for how the project conforms to the Natural Forest Standard. It is an amalgamation of all evidential and supporting documentation. Current Version: V1.1 Published: 30th April 2013

Annual Report Template

Annual Reports must be completed by all active projects registered with the NFS. The Annual Report gives a description of project progress and developments, monitoring activities, resources deployed into the project and number of credits issued and sold. Current Version: V1.1 Published: 20th March 2014

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