Natural Forest Standard

The NFS is a uniquely designed voluntary carbon standard that integrates Social, Biodiversity and Carbon values for REDD Natural Forest projects

The Natural Forest Standard not only recognises the value of reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation but also reflects the importance of natural capital within REDD project areas. Through the conservation and restoration of these at-risk natural forest areas, the NFS provides mechanisms to ensure the distribution of benefits to the local and indigenous communities plus the quantification of the biodiversity significance of each project area, ensuring no net loss of biodiversity occurs through project activities.

The NFS is designed to offer an efficient and effective framework for the integrated certification of carbon and ecosystem benefits, for use by REDD project developers of projects over 20,000 hectares, that not only recognises the importance of reducing emissions from avoiding deforestation and forest degradation for climate regulation, but also identifies the importance of maintaining biodiversity and protecting ecosystems within the ecologically and culturally significant natural forests of the world.

The Natural Forest Standard has been developed to complement the existing standards and forest initiatives that are currently available within the market. The NFS is a specifically-designed voluntary carbon standard that focuses on REDD+ forest carbon projects, providing project developers with a specific framework that focuses on the multiple characteristics of REDD+ projects whilst also providing the market with a Standard that certifies real, measurable and additional carbon offsets that have been conservatively estimated and independently verified.

By recognising the importance of maintaining biodiversity plus the significance of natural forest conservation, the in-built functionality of the Standard optimises the time requirements of bringing projects from initial implementation to credit issuance in the most responsive, efficient timescale possible, whilst also keeping the integrity and transparency that are essential criteria to the credibility of the Standard and allows mobilisation of resources to effectively carry out these project activities in ways that benefit all the inhabitants and species of vulnerable natural forest areas.

As an organisation, we welcome feedback and input from all interested parties and stakeholders allowing the NFS to be one of the most transparent and responsive certification schemes available within the Voluntary Carbon Market. The Standard and Guidance documents are presented on this website to allow project proponents, validators, experts and other stakeholders to comment and make inputs to aid the process of improvement.

If you wish to participate in the development of the NFS, please navigate to the Public Consultation section of this website, where you will find all the details on how to contribute.

If you are a project developer interested in using the NFS for your REDD+ natural forest project, please visit our contact and feedback section and register your interest with us.


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