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First projects submitted to the Natural Forest Standard

By 22/06/2012February 16th, 2018No Comments

The Natural Forest Standard is pleased to announce the first two projects have been submitted to the Standard.  The Project Idea Notes (PIN’s) have been published and are available for view in the Project Index section of the website.

As a newly developed Standard, it is an important and exciting step forward to have these initial projects presented for participating with the NFS.  The projects will now progress through the NFS project process and will be submitting their Project Design Documents for validation in the near future.

These initial projects are both located in the Amazonia region of Brazil, and total an area of around 2 million hectares.  The Trocano Conservation Project and the Madeirinhas Conservation Project are both being developed by Celestial Green Ventures PLC, an Ecosystem Conservation company that specialise in the development of REDD+ projects in Brazil.

As a company, they have a keen emphasis on biodiversity and community protection within their project design objectives and are implementing a number of key project activities within both areas to reflect this.

To have these projects submitted to the NFS is a key stage in the on-going development of the Standard, and as these initial projects advance through the NFS project process, it will allow the Standard and its development team to evaluate the efficiency and strength of the Standard and its requirements, plus ensure that the streamlined approach that has been developed as an integral part of the Standard is effective.