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Natural Forest Standard invites public comments

By 11/07/2012February 16th, 2018No Comments

The Natural Forest Standard has been released for public comment and has already received a number of positive comments from industry participants.  The first version of the Natural Forest Standard and Guidance documents are now publicly available on our Downloads page:

Inviting third-party input from the industry is an important stage of development for the Standard; as ECO and the NFS believe the development of the Standard should be of an evolving nature and should include interaction from relevant industry participants to create positive and on-going enhancements to the Standard, its methodologies and its processes.

The NFS is therefore welcoming feedback and comments from any interested party to fulfil our goal of creating a transparent and responsive Standard that meets the needs of both project developers and industry scrutiny alike.  All feedback should be made through the comments form on our website.

A review of all feedback and comments received and appropriate modifications will be carried out at regular intervals.  Recognition of any participation with the Standard can be included on our site at the participants’ discretion.