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UNEP Climate Warning

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A report by the UN says global attempts to curb emissions of CO2 are not adequate to prevent climate change. The World Meteorological Organisation reported a record increase of Earth-warming gases in the atmosphere. It suggests that CO2 has now reached concentrations of 390.9 parts per million, or 140% of the pre-industrial levels of 280ppm. The World Bank has also issued a warning about the planet-wide devastation a rise of four degrees Celsius would cause. In a new report, the UN’s Environment Programme says greenhouse gases are 14% above where they need to be in 2020 for temperature rises this century to remain below 2C.
The authors of this report have indicated that it is still possible to achieve this target but urgent action must be taken in order to make sectors such as construction, power generation and transport more sustainable.
“Time is running out,” said UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, “but the technical means and the policy tools to allow the world to stay below a maximum two degrees Celsius are still available to governments and societies”.
European climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard said the data showed “the world is not getting its act together fast enough”. The planet has witnessed record-breaking temperatures in the past decade and frequent natural disasters that some blame on climate change — most recently superstorm Sandy, which ravaged Haiti and the US east coast.  The report is meant to inform negotiators at the COP18 climate meeting that begins in Doha next week.