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The Trocano Araretama Conservation Project has successfully achieved verification

By 25/10/2013February 16th, 2018No Comments

The Trocano Araretama Conservation Project in Amazonas, Brazil has successfully achieved verification.

The independent, third-party verification has been carried out by Environmental Services Inc. The scope of the verification included GHG project and implementation; baseline scenarios; physical infrastructure, activities, technologies and processes of the GHG project; GHG sources, sinks and/or reservoirs; types of GHG’s and time periods.

The Trocano Araretama Conservation Project is a Municipal project with a total project area of over 1.3 million hectares. The project aims to mitigate deforestation through implementation of the project activities whilst also bringing socio-economic benefits and biodiversity protection to the area for the 20 year duration of the project. The verification site visit occurred from 21-28 June 2013. A review of the project area as a whole was conducted. Verifiers also conducted interviews with community members and leaders.

The Trocano Conservation project has resulted in GHG emissions reduction or removal of 7,702,808 tCO2 equivalents. The resulting certificates issued by The Ecosystem Certification Organisation are Natural Capital Credits (NCCs).  NCCs are denominated in tonnes CO2e of avoided GHG emissions and rated in terms of biodiversity.

For more information and to read the full verification report and statement please visit the NFS Project Index page.