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We’re seeking your views on verification!

The NFS team have been hearing that verification – often regarded as the “boring but important” bit of carbon credit generation, is becoming a serious headache for developers, crediting programs and other stakeholders.

We’ve heard complaints about the cost and general hassle of organising, contracting and completing verifications, the quality of some verification work, the credibility of verifier statements and the availability of verifiers.

So, the Natural Forest Standard is seeking your views on.

  1. Is Verification a problem for you?

  2. If so, what is the issue?

  3. And, how do you think it could be fixed?

We’d love to hear your experiences, whether you’ve had problems getting verifiers engaged, whether the verification process has been overly time consuming or expensive, whether verification misses vital points or gets things wrong.

If you are a verifier, perhaps you feel the the problem lies with the inexperience of developers or lack of clarity in the standards.

How can we, as a standard determined to provide robust but efficient oversight and processes, provide frameworks that build trust and credibility along the supply chain?

If you would like to talk, please get in touch via our contact form at:

Contact & Feedback


Many thanks!

NFS Team